Twenty eight students from the Northern Beaches State High School recently participated in the “STEM School” program.

The program kicked off with a special presentation from local Ergon Energy engineers. They shared information about the role of an engineer, the various sites and projects they have worked on and other benefits of their jobs such as travel and meeting new people.

After the guest speakers, students were split into two groups of ‘mechanics’ and ‘aerodynamics’. The aerodynamics group made parachutes attached to eggs and tested them for a safe landing . The mechanics group, focusing on motion dynamics, created motorized model cars out of lego.

Student’s agreed a challenging part of the program was the business simulation. Over five weeks and in small groups, students operated a Wine Bar business with the goal of making a profit. They were responsible for decisions on staffing, advertising, pricing, budgets and other operations. ” The activity really opened our eyes and and showed us how your actions and decisions can have an impact on your business” said Claudia Slater (year 9 student). The task highlighted how mathematics is applied in real world business scenarios.

The overall consensus from students was that the program was fun and educational. “We highly recommend the STEM Sell program to any student looking for a challenge, a great experience and learn how maths, engineering and science apply in real world careers” Elena Reynolds (year 9 student).

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