About the STEM Education Network

The Network

The Queensland STEM Education Network (QSEN) is a consortium of Queensland Universities providing a range of high quality programs and initiatives designed to build STEM capacity across the state.

Queensland STEM Education Network (QSEN) was launched with the aid of funding from the Federal Government’s Australian Maths and Science Partnership Program (AMSPP).

The Queensland STEM Education Network will be instrumental in coordinating state-wide collaboration in STEM education between Universities, the Department of Education and Training and other key stakeholders in STEM education.

Project Goals

Goal 1
To raise awareness, interest and achievement in science and mathematics among Queensland junior secondary students leading to increased STEM enrolments at senior secondary and tertiary levels.

Goal 2
To engage students, parents, teachers, guidance officers and the broader community to demystify and raise awareness of the importance of STEM education and STEM related careers.

In the longer term, the QSEN will continue to be a strong advocate for the importance of STEM education and will be a key voice in developing the future strategic direction of STEM education across Queensland.


Kay Lembo

Kay Lembo

Kay is the manager of the Queensland S.T.E.M. Education Network and is establishment the state-wide consortium of university, education, scientific and community stakeholders. Kay has worked as a secondary science teacher with Education Queensland for over 20 years and has been involved with managing initiatives as part of Queensland’s ‘Spotlight on Science’ and ‘Science Education Strategy’. These involve coordinating the Toowoomba Technology Maths, Science Centre of Excellence (TTMSCE) and as Director of Southern Queensland Science Centre of Innovation and Professional Practice (SCIPP). Most recently her roles have been as National Manager, Program Delivery and Quality Assurance, Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE) and lecturing in science education at the University of Southern Queensland and Charles Darwin University. Kay’s research interests include science education, teacher professional development and science teaching enhancement initiatives.

Contact details

Email: k.lembo@griffith.edu.au

Phone: 0407 028 182

Carina Pericleous

Carina is the Queensland S.T.E.M. Education Network (QSEN) Project Officer based at Griffith University. She provides high level project support for all consortium University partners and assist’s in the coordination of STEMS engagement and outreach activities. Carina’s broad University experience includes Student Retention, Client Services, Administration and as an International Advisor.

Maria Barrett

Maria Barrett

Maria Barrett is the QSEN STEM Officer at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). In addition to developing and managing QUT’s QSEN projects, Maria coordinates the Widening Participation program in QUT’s Science and Engineering Faculty, which provides STEM outreach activities and career awareness experiences to primary and secondary schools in low income areas within the Brisbane North-Caboolture corridor. Maria has specialist expertise in teaching primary school science, and extensive experience in development of science communication initiatives and management of ecology research centres in the tertiary education sector.

Marina Fitzpatrick

Marina Fitzpatrick

Marina Fitzpatrick is one of six QSEN consortium’s project officers and is based at the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has been a key facilitator of a number of STEM initiatives including Education QLD’s Science Centre of Innovation and Professional Practice (SCIPP), the Science and Engineering Education Centre (SEEC) and the Primary Industry Centre for Science Education (PICSE). QSEN is the latest expression progressing parallel project objectives to enhance STEM networks and implement authentic and engaging STEM experiences for middle school students.

Jackie Mergard

Jackie Mergard

Jackie is the Queensland STEM Education Network (QSEN) project officer based at the University of Queensland (UQ). For over twenty years she has created and delivered STEM outreach initiatives for both the Engineering and Science Faculties at UQ to engage schools and the wider community with science. She actively creates partnerships with teacher associations, community and education groups; federal, state and local government departments; scientific organisations and industry partners to promote interest and participation in science by teachers and students and the general public. Her initiatives have included one-to-one mentoring programs; interactive STEM workshops; competitions, science camps, public lectures and science festivals.

Donna Rigano

Donna Rigano

Donna is the Project Officer for the Queensland STEM Education Network focusing on the promotion of mathematics. Based at James Cook University (JCU) in Townsville, Donna Rigano has been working in STEM education since 1991. Her research interests cover a range of areas including high school laboratory science, primary school scientific writing, emotions in science learning and maths teacher identity. With the JCU team, Donna is focusing on developing strategies that highlight how mathematics is crucial for future careers.


The Queensland STEM Education Networks provides coordinated, statewide collaborative approach for sharing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics expertise from Queensland Universities with secondary school students across the state. It also builds on existing strong university partnerships with local schools and communities involving STEM outreach and Widening Participation initiatives.

Consortium University Partners
Adjunct University Partners

Australian Government Department of EducationThe formation of the Queensland STEM Education Network is made possible with the support of the Australian Government Department of Education and Training, as part of its Australian Maths and Science Partnership Programme (AMSPP) initiative.

This programme was established in response to Professor Ian Chubb, AC, recommendations in his 2012 report: Mathematics, Engineering and Science: in the national interest.

The AMSPP is aimed at improving student engagement in maths and science courses at university and schools, through innovative partnerships between universities, schools and other relevant organisations.

Nationally funded AMSPP projects

Lead University Partner: Project Title

The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University: Making Something out of Maths

La Trobe University: In2science – classroom and online mentoring for the future

University of Canberra: National Mentoring for Science and Mathematics teachers

University of Technology, Sydney: Maths Inside: Highlighting the role of mathematics in society as motivation to engage more in mathematical activities

University of Sydney: Embedded System Design Challenge

University of Sydney: CAASTRO in the Classroom

University of South Australia: Excellence and Equity in Maths: Indigenous Student Achievement and Tertiary Aspirations in Mathematics

Southern Cross University: Inspiring Science and Mathematics Education (ISME)