The new Commonwealth Games learning website for teachers.

A new website is now available to help you bring the excitement of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018) into your classroom ( ). It hosts the official GC2018 education program with a suite of rich, diverse and real-world learning experiences using the Commonwealth Games as a context.

GC2018 Embrace Learning is a great way to share in the spirit of the Games and explore the countries, sports and cultures of the Commonwealth. The projects are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and available across all learning areas and year levels. New activities will be regularly published in the lead up to the Games, so stay tuned!

All teachers and students are invited to use the educational activities published on the website—feel free to spread the word through your networks.

State school teachers will be able to log in, create learning spaces for their students, assign projects and monitor students’ progress. Look out for web conferences to guide you through the exciting features of the website.

Here is a list of projects which may interest you:

Forces in sport – Year 4 Science

The Queen’s Baton – Years 3-4 Design and Technologies and Year 4 Science

Koala – threatened species – Year 4 Science

Going shopping – Year 4 Mathematics

Time for sport – Year 2 Mathematics

Displaying data – Year 6 Mathematics

Locating grids – Year 5 Mathematics

Counting and comparing numbers – Year 3 Mathematics

Infographic tutorials – Digital Technologies

Sports infographics – Years 3-4 Digital Technologies

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